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Let me get straight to the point because I know you are a busy entrepreneur working on making more money while saving more time.


I know that’s not your intention, but I see tons of profitable opportunities just passing you by. And what if I told you these opportunities aren’t about more product creation, more launches and adding another 10+ hours a week to make it happen?

All you need to put more money in your pocketbook are small tweaks to what you’re already doing.

shannonI’m Shannon Cherry, your creative relationship marketing expert and I want to introduce you to something: your backend.

No, not that one!  The one in your business.

You see, not too long ago, I was one of those ‘launch and burn’ folks. I kept creating product after product, program after program, launch after launch. It was exhausting and frankly, horribly unprofitable. After all, the ‘launch and burn’ approach not only wears out the entrepreneur creating them, it also wears out your audience. The more products you churn out, the less attention they get. Your return diminishes.

Then a very good friend from the Internet Marketing world, Nicole Dean, reminded me that I had neglecting my own backend. I had forgotten that there’s more to business than launches, promotions and bling.

So I became obsessed with revamping my business to get my life back. I focused on a few products and services and got rid of my ‘launch and burn’ patterns once and for all. Then I focused on my backend.

Then it hit me as I analyzed my data: one small change on my backend a month made a huge difference to my bottom line. Inspired, I made a few more tweaks. (Sometimes money generating… other times money savings.) And my profits shot up again. So much so that I made more money than I ever had before – during a recession when many other coaches and consultants where shutting their doors or filing for bankruptcy.

When I began sharing my little tweaks privately with a few trusted colleagues, they got excited.  And I got motivated to find more ways fine tune my backend to get better results and more profits.

????????????????????????????????????????Think of it like a chocolate cake recipe. There isn’t just one chocolate cake recipe the entire world uses.  That’s because throughout the years, cooks and professional chefs have tweaked the recipe to improve it. Sometimes it’s adding something (think chocolate lava cake). Other times something is removed (as in a chocolate flourless cake). But each tweak turns the ordinary chocolate cake, which isn’t bad in its own right, into a masterpiece.

Now if I could show you ways to do that to your business, wouldn’t you be hungry for it?

Go behind the scenes in my own profitable business,
where I only work 15 hours a week, and learn the tweaks
I am personally using
to make more profits each and every month.

An ongoing program that adds more money to your bottom line by using small, easy-to-do changes

I want to invite you, each and every month, to go behind the curtains in my business where I will share my real world experiences and profitable results from my own little tweaks.

These are easy adjustments you (or someone on your team) can make and then see an increase in cash – sometimes just a few days after implementing them!

Shannon has taught me how to do even more without breaking the bank - and I pride myself on being the Shoestring Marketer. She has tons of easy-to-do ideas and really cares about making it work for me as an individual. And talk about results! Just one small change she shared with me has saved me more than $8400 annually! I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve to share.
Jessica SwansonShoestring Marketing University

I know, I know… you’re thinking: not ANOTHER membership program.

You’re right… this is different.

No teleseminars or webinars with special guests and upsells. No useless ebooks and reports that you never have time reading, let alone implementing.

I’m not going to overwhelm you with stuff. I’m just going to give you one small step at a time, because I know steps will take you a long way towards your business goal of make more money with less effort.

But let’s forget about what you WON’T get (and really don’t have time for anyway) and talk about what you will receive when you become a Tweak It and Profit Insider.

How Tweak It and Profit Works:


I’ll give you a backstage pass to learn exactly how I made more money, or saved more money, step by step.  I’ll share with you what works and what doesn’t. Yes, I’ll be telling you how I’ve screwed up, so you can avoid wasting time and effort that I already have.

You’ll get the same samples, checklists and templates that I personally created and use for my business. I’ll even share tips on how you can take each tweak and make a few simple changes to customize it to work best for you.

What kinds of things will I be covering in the Insider Memo?

  • Saving money with the right tools for your business
  • Getting people to buy as soon as they get on your list
  • Hiring good help for projects on the cheap -and even for FREE
  • Creating added income without selling
  • And so much more

These tweaks won’t talk about the basics like ‘how to set up an autoresponder’ or ‘how to make a video’ or ‘how to make an infoproduct.’ Sure, those things are important to know, but you need more advanced ideas if you want to be as successful as you can be. And the Tweak It and Profit Insider Memo delivers.

This is an exclusive, private area just for Tweak It and Profit members. Ask any questions about your business such as:

  • Each month’s Insider Memo topic
  • Sales page/squeeze page reviews
  • Marketing copy reviews
  • How-tos on marketing tactics
  • Creating more backend systems
  • Just about anything you can think of

You’ll get personalized answers posted (sometimes even a video) so you and everyone else can learn more. No fluff. No filler. No upsells. No hype.  Just my honest, direct answers to your questions. Plus you get feedback and ideas from myself and other Insiders when you need it.

Planning your blog and promotion content has never been easier! You'll save time and money - which is what Tweak It and Profit is all about - with this mini-marketing ideas kit every month.

You'll receive:

  • Topical monthly ideas and themes for the following month to rev up your content on blog  posts, emails and more.
  • A list of hot-off-the-presses ideas for promotions to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • 5 social media images to help promote your content in social media.
  • An engaging social media post for each day of the month.

Each month, you'll get content for the following month, so you have time to plan and implement those ideas quickly and easily.

Every month, I’ll ask you to tell me what you are up to with your business for the following month. It can be things like:

  • Media coverage
  • Product/program launches
  • Free resources
  • Speaking engagements
  • Teleseminars

Then at month’s end I’ll send an email out to my lists, featuring everything you and your peers in the Tweak It and Profit program are doing.

I have requests all the time from marketers asking me to share their products and services with my lists. And most of the time, I refuse. But you don’t ever have to ask when you’re a Tweak It and Profit Insider. I’m happy to promote what you’re doing.

Just the additional promotion alone is worth the price of admission.

On the first Monday of each month, you have my undivided attention to 'pick my brain' about anything in your business.  And I mean anything! Yup, that's right... you get  coaching from me!

And sometimes, I may talk about a new strategy I'm testing myself, as well, so you will literally see behind the scenes of my own business.

Plus, if you can't make the call, you'll be able to submit your question in advance and I will answer it on call. Then you'll be able to download the recording when it's available and listen to at your leisure.

Usually membership programs are created to give general content to the masses so I was unsure if Tweak It and Profit would fill my needs. But what I found is Shannon's approach is really personalized to help me grow my business faster than imagined. Although Tweak It and Profit Insider Memos are enlightening and clearly show where I can be more profitable, my favorite part is the Questions Answered. I love Shannon's concise, creative, business savvy style that delivers sound advice with a fresh perspective. In addition to learning from my own questions, I learn a lot from the advice Shannon shares with other business owner. My business is growing fast but I know that it can grow even faster with the experienced eye and fresh perspective I get from Tweak It and Profit.
Cindy SchulsonAttract Your Niche

"So whats the investment for all this?"

Well, I thought long and hard about this... And before I surprise you how little your monthly investment will be for my ongoing insights and promotion, let me explain how I set the price. (See? An Insider tip already!)

Since you’ve been in business for a little while, I know you embrace the idea of trying to get paid for everything you do. (After all, we’re in business to make money, right?)

Well, I found I really like uncovering these little gems, but since I am dedicated to only working 20 hours a week, I can only justify working on these if I can squeeze out all the profits I can from it. After all, it is what I will be teaching in Tweak It and Profit every month, so I need to model it, right?

I purposely created this program so it would cost me (and therefore you), as little as possible to produce while giving you as much value as possible.  That's why the monthly information you receive when you join is completely downloadable, meaning there's no product production and shipping costs.

That's why... Access to the Tweak It and Profit is only $67 per month -- for now.

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Look, I've been there. I know the frustration and exhaustion when you feel like you're spinning your wheels, not making the profits you should be. I know you are motivated, so I want to help you end that by making sure the price was super affordable. And yes, on October 11th, I will be increasing the price, but for now you're able to lock in the $37 a month Insider price for as long as your membership stays current.

And remember… if you decide you no longer want to be a Tweak It or Profit Insider, you can cancel at ANY time. No worries; no quibbles. Frankly, I’m not interested in you staying in this program if you feel it’s not right for you.

But I know once you read your first Tweak It and Profit Insider Memo and experience the benefits of this very different kind of membership program, you’re going to never want to miss a month. And I bet you’ll be sharing your members-only affiliate link with them. (Yes, I’m limiting affiliate commissions to members only… Another perk for being an Insider!)

By connecting with the power of Shannon Cherry’s strategic steps, your business will give you a much HIGHER return in satisfaction, productivity, and profitability. Using just one of her strategies I earned $24,000 in 13 minutes, (which is a record for me) and landed a much coveted interview. Thank you Shannon, you’re simply outstanding.
Beverly BostonBeverlyBoston.com

Plus there are some one-time bonuses you can't get anywhere else!

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I’m really excited to share everything with you as a Tweak It and Profit Insider! I know this is your chance to really improve the bottom line of your business, without a lot of extra work. Stop leaving money on the table.  It’s that missing piece you’ve been looking for!


Yes! I want to become a Tweak It and Profit Insider for only $37 a month!

  • The Tweak It and Profit Insider Memo which shares one small change that will either make more money or save more money in my business each month.
  • The Tweak It and Profit Monthly Questions Answered where I can ask questions and get them answered from Shannon in the exclusive group
  • The Tweak It and Profit Profitable Content ideas which includes recommended themes and ideas for the month, promotional ideas and even visual images to post!
  • The Tweak It And Profit First Monday Telephone Chat and Q & A, where you get live coaching from me on your most pressing business issues!
  • The Tweak It and Profit Extra Promotion where Shannon promotes my successes and offerings to her lists of 29,000+ subscribers.
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